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A great corporate event is essential for gaining clients and investors. Also, corporate events are an excellent way to express gratitude to your employees and show your clients how much you value them. However, organising a business event for a small or large company is not always easy. Experience a world class corporate catering service from a competent and talented team of private chefs at Bunbury Catering Service.
This blog provides tips and guides on choosing the best catering style for corporate events. Also, we will help you find the perfect one for your specific needs.

Corporate Buffet

For lunches and dinners, a corporate buffet is an excellent option. A corporate buffet is a self service meal where the guests can stand from their chairs and help themselves to various foods prepared for the event. These can include everything from appetisers to main courses and sweets, depending on your preferences.
Buffets are perfect for various events, including award nights, conferences, product launches, Christmas parties, etc.

Sit down Meals

As with a corporate buffet, sit down meals are intended for occasions where guests will spend most of their time seated at a table. However, unlike buffets, guests will not be required to stand to take their food; instead, the wait staff or a chef will deliver it to them at their table. These setups are perfect for award ceremonies, conferences, Christmas parties, and other business gatherings.

Grazing Tables

It’s similar to a buffet, but it’s visually pleasing and convenient for the guests to nibble on while the conference starts. It is usually on a table, but it can also be on a huge platter, a counter, a wooden board, or other flat surfaces. Food items aren’t always put on plates or bowls, but they can also be arranged creatively in piles that spill, intertwine, and overlap, so they don’t just taste fantastic. They also look delicious!
The purpose of grazing tables is to provide a variety of taste sensations. Choose from various cheeses, dried fruits, nuts, crackers, relishes, pickles, and breadsticks for your grazing table. Grazing tables are ideal for pre event gatherings, refreshments during training days, workshops, and brainstorming sessions.

Canapés and Finger Foods

Canapés and finger foods are small, bite sized servings that are easy to eat while walking around the venue. They can be served buffet style or by waiters stationed around the event. Canapés and finger foods are ideal for smaller parties, networking, and pre event socialising, like a cocktail hour before the conference where people are supposed to walk around and mingle. These are perfect for after lunch and pre dinner events.

Wave Style

The Wave Style is a very efficient and quick method of serving a catered event. The entire server staff works together to give out the food as quickly as possible. Servers typically start at one end or side of the room and work their way around to the opposite end or side. So, no individual workstations are required because the entire room or event area serves as a workstation for the whole team. A wave style is a unique method that enables large groups to set out the food quickly with less labour.

Cafeteria Style

It is another type of buffet style where the guests stand in food lines but do not serve themselves. Instead, they will be assisted by the chefs or servers behind the buffet line. You can even create a combination of this style by allowing guests to self serve less expensive items like soups, salads, and veggies while servers will serve the more expensive food items like meats.

A Family Style Meal

The guests are seated. Servers fill the large serving platters and bowls with food and arrange them on the dining tables. Guests serve themselves by passing food to each other.
Whatever your preference, Bunbury Catering Service can assist you in ensuring the success of your corporate event. We will work closely with you to create a menu and catering style that is affordable and tailored to your needs.

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Bunbury Catering Service is not just a caterer. We can also help with other concepts for your event. We have a lot of event planning experience, so we can help you plan your next corporate party or

We can assist you in choosing an excellent location for your corporate event and providing everything you need to turn your conference room into a truly memorable dining experience for your guests. Whether you’re looking for a buffet style, a food station or a full sit down meal, our professional chefs and staff can handle it all. We’re excited to work with you to make your event a rousing success that your staff and guests will never forget.

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