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Are you planning a corporate event? Don't forget about the catering! It's one of the essential parts of having a successful and productive corporate event. Catering at a corporate event isn't just about providing your employees and clients with tasty food and nibbles to eat.
Having unique catering means, a caterer who uses only the freshest produce and products and creates a menu tailored for your event that stands out significantly more than purchasing sandwiches. Food is essential to the success of any event. Below, we've collected a guide to the various catering styles of corporate catering.

6 Types of Corporate Events and How to Cater for Them

After discussing the various catering style options, let's check some popular corporate events and the perfect catering style for each.

1. Corporate Board Meeting

Long hours spent in a meeting room require a lot of energy. Corporate board meetings are best served with finger snacks, grazing tables, canapés, or food sharing platters. Having these on the table in the middle of the group allows everyone to take what they love to eat. These food

2. Corporate Lunch or Dinner

Sit down meals or buffets are the ideal catering options for corporate lunches and dinners. But it all depends on your event’s venue, setting, and objective. In general, these two styles are excellent options. For large corporate lunches and dinners, prefer a buffet lunch or dinner to a sit down served by a waiter. If you want a top notch catering service, you should think about hiring a professional catering company to handle all of the meal preparation and service.

3. Cocktail Party

Cocktail parties are perfect settings for serving canapés and other finger foods. They'll be ideal for guests to munch on while they socialise and walk around the venue. To add to the enjoyment of a corporate cocktail party, consider setting up a grazing table or shared platter in the corner of the venue so that guests can congregate in one area and serve themselves.

4. Client Meetings

Client meetings typically run from a few minutes to several hours, regardless of the nature of the meeting, which can range from casual to formal. Depending on the nature of your meeting, you can choose from a range of corporate catering styles. For mid morning or afternoon client meetings, finger snacks, canapés, grazing tables, sharing platters, or even a business high tea are great ideas. A sit down intermission dinner is excellent for lengthy discussions or more formal discussions.

5. Conferences

There are many different catering options for conference events depending on the time of day, where the event is, and how big the group is. Canapés and finger snacks are a terrific alternative for mixing and mingling with a beverage in hand for pre conference activities. In smaller conferences, a snack table or sharing platter in the corner of the venue can suffice for the entire day. Larger meetings that last many days or through the night will require complex catering arrangements such as sit down meals or buffets.

6. Corporate Event Catering

Award nights or ceremonies are complicated events that will require various catering styles. As part of pre show receptions, intermissions, and cocktail parties after the event, you might offer grazing tables with canapés, finger foods, or other small snacks. But you can also serve a corporate buffet or a sit down dinner.

Make your Corporate Event a Success with Professional Catering!

If you want to enjoy your event as much as your guests do, please make an appointment to discuss your upcoming corporate event with us. Hire only the best caterers, and when we say best, it’s none other than Bunbury Catering Service. We will ensure that you have the best corporate event possible!

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