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Are you familiar with cocktail party hosting? Most people don’t know about all the little details that go into hosting an actual cocktail party that will be the event of the year. So much work goes into planning this gathering that it has to be done well in advance. Fortunately, there are a few essential tips to make your cocktail party an event everyone will remember.
When hosting a cocktail party, you have the opportunity to experiment with a wide variety of food options. Even though everyone will only be eating small servings, there will be plenty of other options if they don’t like whatever they’ve tried. It means everyone can discover something that they will enjoy eating.
Are you looking for some inspiration to help you plan your upcoming cocktail party? Prepare for the best cocktail party with these tips and suggestions.

Cocktail Party To Do List

A cocktail party is easy to organise if you plan ahead of time and list down what you need to complete and consider before the event.

1.Select a Date

Check to see whether your guests can select a date that works for them. The weekend is always the best time to have a cocktail party.

2.Cocktail Party Venue

You can host a small party at your home if you want to keep the event private. A hotel or restaurant function space is the best option if you’re looking for something more businesslike or formal.

3.Cocktail Party Number of Guests

Once you choose the date and the venue, the next step is to make a guest list. Depending on the purpose of your party, you will need to decide on the type and number of guests. These can also help you stay within your budget and prevent you from having too many guests.

4.Cocktail Party Invitations

Send out invitations to everyone on your guest list once you’ve selected a date and a venue for your event. You can send your invitations in the form of a virtual or physical card.

5.Cocktail Party Budget Plan

It’s rarely a problem when it comes to preparing for a party. On the other hand, setting a budget can help you monitor your expenses and decide where to allocate them.

Cocktails and Beverages for a Party

Cocktails and beverages are the essential elements of a cocktail party. Ensure two to three drinks per guest and have wine, beer, and water on hand and ready to serve. Consider non alcoholic cocktails or mock tails for non drinkers.
There are a few ways you can make cocktails based on how much work you want to put into them:

Cocktail Party Full Bar

This option allows guests to select their preferred beverages. This method works well with a well stocked liquor cabinet or purchasing the necessary spirits. These are an excellent option if you’re hosting a party with a designated bartender.

Cocktails in Pitchers

Because the beverages have already been prepared, guests can help serve themselves because this is a hands free option. You can place the pitchers on a table with glasses, garnishes, and an ice bucket.

Food for Cocktail Party

A cocktail party does not require a full course meal because it’s not intended to be a dinner. Instead, begin the evening with simple snacks, such as hors d’oeuvres, cheese, and nuts, and gradually introduce more gourmet finger foods and canapés as the night goes on.

Cocktail Party Entertainment

A cocktail party is not the time or place for over the top showmanship. Instead of playing loud music, play soft music that is good for conversation or a live singer.

We'll help you Host your Cocktail Party!

Make your next cocktail party more enjoyable with our tips and suggestions! However, if planning a cocktail party is too time consuming or stressful for you, you can collaborate with our professional food catering specialist. Bunbury Catering Service is the best caterer in Bunbury you can trust to handle your event for you.

Bunbury Catering Service can handle the catering for your cocktail party professionally and efficiently. It includes everything from gourmet finger food to alcoholic drinks and, of course, cocktails! Is there anything more you want to do? Please make an appointment to discuss your next cocktail party with us and ask for a quote for your upcoming cocktail party.

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