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Bunbury Catering Service, Your Event Catering Specialist!
So, you may wonder “Is there any catering service near me?”

We are proud to inform you that Bunbury Catering Service is a professional event catering service company dedicated to providing an excellent food catering experience for any of your special events.

When it comes to food catering, you can rest assured that Bunbury Catering Service is not just a basic food catering service company. They are not there to just serve food, but what they really offer is Customer Satisfaction.

Whether it’s a wedding event, family celebration, or corporate celebration that you are planning for if you want to impress your guest, leave it to Bunbury’s best catering service company.

Professional Catering Service

Food planning and preparation for any important event should be left to the professionals. Catering is no easy task and you don’t expect it to be done by anyone who hasn’t done it before. Food in this sense should not be trial and error. Caterers with experience in the type of event you’re planning will help your event succeed. They know how to treat the food to ensure it is handled correctly and safely the entire day. Experienced caterers will cater to your theme and your guests. Not everyone has the same food needs or preferences which is why catering companies are great. They provide the versatility needed to adapt many plates to fit diverse wants and needs.

Presentation Delights your Guests

Your food must be stunning in a way that does not only tastes good but also looks terrific. Caterers can make the presentation of the meal correspond with the event theme. By having a catering company, you will be able to leave a lasting impression. With a million things going on before and during the event, it’s great to have a catering company pay attention to the small details of your food and beverage options that will make your event even more memorable.

Why Invest in Catering

Food can make or break any event. Save time, worry less, and make a good impression by investing in a catering company. The versatility that is offered will help your event succeed, regardless of the theme. Quality catering from an experienced company will show the guests that you care and have amazing taste – no pun intended.
The staff employed for catered events vary with each job, based on the event’s guest count, level, and degree of complexity. However, you never want to have to turn down a job that would render a sizable profit because your business is understaffed. Although the number of employees needed for an event may fluctuate, most catered events require particular employees.

Your Trusted Professional Staff

Choosing the right Staff for your special event is vitally important to the success of the event. Better to choose the best team to suit your event. Here are the staff and personnel to assist you before and during the event.

Event Planners/Managers

The event planner or event manager meets with the client to determine his needs for the event. As a catering business owner, you may want to fulfil this role. The planner often discusses various characteristics of the event with the client, such as the level of formality, the guest count, and the vision that the client has for the event. The planner may suggest particular meals or drinks that correspond with the client’s aspirations for the event. They also inform the client of the number of staff required for the event and present an estimate for the services to the client. The event planner arrives at the event to help with setting up and tearing down.


The supervisor ensures that the wait staff and cooking staff complete their tasks on time. They handle any problem that arises during the event and ensures that food is resupplied in buffet lines and cocktail trays.


The chef assists with decisions regarding the menu and prepares the food. One chef may be able to handle a small event, such as a family dinner. He may require sous chefs for the meal preparation if the event is large or complicated.


Servers bring food to the guest and may refill water, tea, coffee, and other beverages. Their role is based primarily on the type of event. For cocktail events, they pass trays around to the guests. Servers for buffet dinners resupply food and drinks. You can ask a higher number of servers for events that have multiple courses so each table receives prompt and personalised service.


With events in which alcoholic beverages are served, plan on having one bartender for every 50 guests. You may want to have more bartenders if the client wants to provide signature drinks to the guests

Busboys and Dishwashers

Busboys clear the tables, although your servers may be able to handle this job if the event is more intimate. Hire three to five busboys for clearing or more if you must use the same space for multiple events, such as a cocktail hour and then a reception for a wedding. If you are not using disposable dishes, you also need three to five dishwashers.

Other Staff

You may need additional staff to set up and tear down the event. Workers may assemble tables and chairs, rearrange the room, and place lines on the tables. You also may want to hire a hostess or someone to assist guests in finding their assigned seats.

Our full service event planning removes the stress of dealing with multiple vendors when organising your event. Bunbury Catering Service handles everything your event needs.
With our in depth knowledge and trusted relationships with vendors & venues, your opportunities are endless. There is no event that we can’t plan.

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